Company History

Summerfield Engineering was formed in 1967 by three brothers Roger, Mike and Jerry Summerfield. They started out in a small workshop and over the years kept expanding, moving into a purpose built factory in 1976. This has since been extended three times to incorporate larger machinery and an expanded workforce. Heavy investment in modern CNC machinery has helped move the company to a higher level of quality and service.

Over the last 30 years Rogers’s three sons Glenn, Scott and Ashley have been working in the business gaining valuable experience. In 2004 they brought out the company from the founders who are now the present landlords.

Investing for the future

Recognising the need for investment in modern CNC machinery the new owners have consistently invested in a number of CNC machines which include:

  • 2004  Toshulin SKIQ12 VTL with live spindle.
  • 2006  Toshulin SKIQ16 VTL with side head.
              Boko F3 Milling/Boring machine 4 axis.
  • 2007  Boko WF1-6 Milling/Boring machine 4 axis.
              Kearns SJ100/125 Horizontal Borer 3 axis with 75 bar through spindle coolant.
  • 2008  Boko WF2-10 Milling/Boring machine 4 axis.
  • 2009  Elgamill HE4000 Milling/Boring machine with programmable indexing head.
  • 2011  Boko WF3 Milling/Boring machine 4 axis
  • 2012  Toshulin SKA12 VTL with live spindle
  • 2013  Faro Quantum Inspection Arm
  • 2014  Faro Gage Inspection Arm
  • 2018  Boko WF-4 Milling/Boring machine 6 axis