Capabilities and Services Provided

MMD Summerfield Ltd has a wide range of machinery, which allows us to manufacture a variety of component types and sizes. We can handle Quantities from 1 to 100 units and weights from a few kilos up to 20 tonnes.

MMD Summerfield Ltd is close to the M1 and A38, allowing straightforward access from all parts of the country. We are able to work with customer’s free-issue material and can also provide complete supply of parts by purchasing material from all major steel producers and stockholders around the country and then finishing machining in-house.

We specialise in CNC and manual Sub-Contract machining including Horizontal Boring, Vertical Boring, Turning, Milling, Jig Boring, Drilling and Splining.

We also have the facility to create solid models or CAD drawings and utilise CAD/CAM software to program all the CNC machinery.

Every aspect of the customer's order is controlled under BS EN ISO 9001:2015